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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goodnight Melon

Last night on April 23rd, 2012, I found my baby in a corner of her cage. She was not breathing. Melon has passed away at the age of 2 1/2 years. She was a beautiful hamster and a perfect companion. Our time together was amazing and I couldn't have asked for anything else.
I have not posted here in so long. I was actually planning a post this week but evidently did not get to it. This was mostly due to the drastic changes my health kept going through. I was not in a good state and still am not but I'm getting there. I couldn't take care of Melon like I used to and my brother had to do most of the cleaning and feeding. I suspect it was my lack of involvement that caused this. I really am sorry to Melon and to everyone. I am doing my best to get better. Though Melon's recent departure has caused some significant drops in my state, it's to be expected. 
She will be missed and I will always remember her.
I love you Melon.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Direction For Us~

Hey everyone! How's the year been treating ya? Melon has been getting better (she had a bit of hair loss going on). Her bum is nice and furry again. She's sleeping now. These days I've been feeling very 'mushy' as my SW calls it. Everytime I look Melon I can't help but thank my Lord that I have her, even if only for 3 little years.
Such a cutie~
You know, Melon doesn't yawn that much. I've only seen her do so about 4 times in all the time I've had her. I thought she was going to yawn so I took a picture but by the time my iPad ended it's show-off-ish thingy it does when it takes a picture the yawn was over -.-
So all I got was her starting the yawn~
Oh well.
Recently she stayed in my hand for quite a bit and I must say I was VERY happy. Also, in regard to the title of this post, I've been obsessed with One Direction. I live in New York so I didn't see X Factor UK but my cousins, who DO live there, were so crazy about them I had to go on Youtube and check them out. Now I'm in love XD
The reason I bring this up is because Melon seems to (at least) enjoy their music. In total honesty, she never really comes out during the day let alone when I have music playing. But everytime I play any of their songs she's always either munching on a sunflower seed or just staring out into space. Maybe she's daydreaming about them? LOL, I don't know but I find that pretty interesting. Also, I love their name (One Direction) and I think it's very inspirational. Especially since I'm studying Japanese and when you're learning something like a language because YOU want to you need plenty of enthusiasm. 
And so, the direction Melon and I are headed... Well, I like to call it JOY but that's a bit too mushy and cheesy for a 14 year old. All I know is we're heading Forward.
Have a nice day everyone, I hope you didn't mind my weird little 'rant?' there.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Hey everyone! Happy New Years!!! I hope you had an awesome holiday season. Though I love the holidays I'm so glad 2011 is finally over! This year was just... Not the best, to say the least. I never liked the number eleven anyways-it's my bad luck number. And like my Godmother said on New Year's Eve, 'God may have taken what we loved most last year, but we still have each-other and things can only get better'. So, as she said, 2012 has started out so well! Melon is nice and healthy, I'm getting better as well, and everything's just been good.
I'm planning on going to Petco soon to get Melon's late presents. I need to get her birthday, Christmas, and New Year's presents. Also, a "I'm sorry I'm late" gift. I know it seems like a lot but that's what we always do in my family. If we're late for something we give a sorry present as well. I enjoy it because I'm a very girly person when it comes to shopping; no matter who it's for, I LOVE shopping. So I'm really excited, plus, it gives me an excuse to get all these new things for Melon :)
The Gifts;
Carefresh bedding (the aspen is irritating her)

Yogurt Drops

Krunch-A-Rounds (She loves them)

Super Pet Puzzle Playground

Petco 2-Story Hamster House

Super Pet Crittertrail Discovery Deluxe Habitat

So yeah, this is the list. Thanks for reading~

Friday, December 23, 2011

A tad low Christmas

It's been a while! I'm sorry I haven't been posting since the last time. I've really just been so down lately. Melon is well though she is a bit mellow these days. I've been a bit concerned about her because I see that she's been hunching over when she walks and her legs look so bare-ish. She also has a little patch on her back that lost fur. I don't know what to do, really. Maybe it's because of aging? She's two years old now so that might be it. Either way, if I can't find a concrete reason for this I'll take her to the vet. So many things have been happening lately that I really just feel so overwhelmed.

After my grandmother passed I haven't really been too motivated to do anything. School was going fine I guess, but I didn't really know how to cope at home. I started slacking for a bit and even forgot to clean Melon's cage one week! I felt so bad that I started cleaning it straight away the other day. That's when I noticed the patch of skin on her back. She seems a bit down but she still runs a lot and eats and drinks.

On top of that, I got a toe injury and had to go to my hospital for treatment. They said it was to infected to do anything that day so they prescribed some antibiotics and gave me some stuff to keep it clean. Now, I was supposed to go today for the operation but I had to reschedule. If I had gone today then tomorrow I'd be in bed until it healed and that would mean missing a lot of things that have been already planned. Already, the doctors prohibited any gym or physical practices for two weeks. And so, I'll have to get the operation on Monday. I've been having some trouble cleaning Melon's cage because of my toe and it's really worrying me what I'll do after I come out of the hospital. Will I have to get someone to take care of her? This really sucks...
Anyways, with Christmas literally around the corner, I feel a bit disappointed. There's not going to be a white Christmas again this year, I haven't been able to get Melon her present yet, and everything is so gloomy! Oh well, let's make the best of it I guess. 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.
Drive safely and careful with that eggnog!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another video! Compilation of pics of Melon~

Hey people, I know I posted a video yesterday of Melon on YouTube (and here too) but I can't get enough of Sony Vegas! I love it, I can do SO many things! So as I was checking out all the effects and transitions and stuff I somehow ended up making a short compilation of (most) of the pictures I have of Melon.
I had actually been cleaning out and sorting my pictures and I found that I had a LOT of pics of her stacked up. I decided to add all the good ones to my project to have some material to use. I then got the idea to make it sort of like an intro or opening sequence for all of Melon's future videos and this is what I ended up with